Date: 999 YK, Vult, 12
Party Level and XP: 10 / Not sure how much XP ya’ll have, somebody’s gonna have to remind me

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The heroes have been chased into the Underdark

The party is exploring Xen’drik! They’ve been in the jungle continent since Nymm 12 (not even a week yet). The first thing that happened is that they encountered a new sergeant of the Emerald Claw, Damian Tull. They received a fire resistance boon from an ex-Sulatar fire priest, traveled to a Giant village and found it under attack by Sulatar drow. They engaged a party of the drow and handily defeated them.

Myrindar d’Cannith has hired the party to assist him on an expedition to Xen’drik, continent of secrets. He also supplied them with some “experimental” magic items that his house created. The party’s contract with House Cannith includes 150 gp per party member for each week the expedition continues and first choice of any artifacts that the House doesn’t deem “relevant to the purpose and spirit of the expedition”. As well, letters of marque have been written for each party member. The contract will be renewed each quarter.

Expedition Loot Log:
Time (weeks X 150 gp)
3600 gp each
The Titan’s Key (Hammer of Myrdroon’s Shard +3)
Amulet of Seduction +2
Map of Orienteering
1/2 of a Sending Stone pair (the other is linked to a member of The Trust, Sergeant Tak)
Bigass Diamond Broach




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