Myrindar d'Cannith

An intelligent, outgoing member of House Cannith, Myrindar is the first cousin of Cannith South Baron Merrix d’Cannith, but has made a name for himself as an adventuring scholar extraordinaire, as well as one of Cannith’s premiere Xen’drik explorers.

However, this was all during the Last War, when Cannith was at its peak. Now he spends most of his time designing and researching for Cannith South, as well as teaching at Morgrave university, his alma mater.

Cannith South feels he is past his prime (now entering his early 40s) and prefers him to stay in Khorvaire rather than risk his life exploring Xen’drik, but he has managed to get the House approval to head an expedition to Menechtarun to explore a temple believed to be a mostly-intact remnant from the days of the giants’ rule of the southern continent.

He pines for the “good ’ol days” and is an avid reader of adventuring tales published in the Sharn Inquisitive. A dedicated, if aging, member of the Wayfinder’s Foundation.

Myrindar d'Cannith

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