A strange creature who manifests the element of nothingness, Two appears as a humanoid female.

Somehow related to One, a House Cannith experiment gone awry.

She has fought for the freedom of what she considers “enslaved” elementals that are so constantly used in today’s magitech society, but conflicts with elementals have somewhat reversed her position.


Like scars in reality, tiny cracks line Two’s skin. The void peaks through in slowly shifting patterns, pale with dark webbing. Only the voidscar lines on her forehead are visible as she sleeps, curled tightly. These patterns appear as a common symbol, contributing to her name: Two Voidsoul.
Awakening, yawning, stretching in the dawn light displays the lines forming runes on her wrist. ‘Forgive Me’ they plead, for her past has shaped a personality that conflicts with her way of life. Created in a lab, all she knew was pain till the day the Mourning swept Cyre of life. Desperately sympathetic, Two hates inflicting pain, minimizing the damage others can deal as well. Yet, her skills lie in arcane sword dueling technique. And so she goes on.
She rubs her collarbone slowly, thinking. Inscribed on her skin by those same voidlines, ‘Deviant Soul’ speaks to her, though its full meaning has not come clear. As an elemental, she can see the chaos and passions that others of her kind are subject to, yet her humanity removes that enslavement. Even her brother ‘One’, though sentient, was uncontrollable. Currently, he resided by a tribe lacking bound elemental slaves while Two procrastinated making any decisions.
Gearing up, Two summons her sword to her hand, strapping it to her belt. She puts a hand on a new marking on her torso, focusing as she draws the power of the void to cross the camp. She disappears with a muted pop while simultaneously reappearing some 30 feet away. It felt beautiful, but it was another confusion. Does she approach House Orien or should they approach her? Is she obligated to become part or serve them? Does she modify her name like other dragonmarked: Two d’Void?
A tiny wheezing cough sounded from another pocket on her belt. Though disparing of the “freedom of all elementals” movement, she was working with one small acid elemental, trying to train him properly. After her brother, the demon-elemental, and the crazy airships crashing, her trust for elementals as a whole degraded with the rest of society’s. And so she focused her efforts on Zot, a tiny acid elemental. He tended to hide where even Two couldn’t find the invisible creature.
As strange a creature as Two was, she would become even stranger still as the prophecy matured.


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